Friday, November 01, 2013

"Field Trip" UP-DATE

The weather for tomorrow's Beauharnois Trip seems a little "iffy" at best but for those of you who do venture out we may have to change our initial rendezvous point slightly.
Like everywhere else within a 100km radius of Montreal it seems that road construction is playing havoc with travel plans. The Beauharnois area is no different. Work on the tunnel just west of the bridge below the dam on Highway 132 is making access to the parking lot there extremely difficult if not impossible. So be prepared to meet me at the small pull-off which is just before the dam east end. If that is not available I will be there and give you further instructions.
My plan is first to try to check the area below the dam. Then we hope to move on to the marsh at St-Timothée, followed by the ponds at the St-Louis-de-Gonzague bridge and then to Hungry Bay. But weather conditions will dictate a lot of the morning's itinerary.
Have a good day. Hope your patio furniture is put away or it may end up in the next county this afternoon. - Wayne

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