Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bird Protection Quebec "Field Trip Report" February 16

10 Birders enjoyed a sunny, but slightly chilly morning at Higgins (H) in Chateauguay, and the Recre-O-Parc (SC) in Ste-Catherine. Also there was a Deer on one of the little islets in the middle of the rapids. Below is a list of the 27 species seen.

100 Canada goose SC, 6 Black duck SC, 150 Mallard SC, 20 Common goldeneye SC, 20 Common merganser SC, 2 Bald eagle SC, Red-tailed hawk (traveling), 2 Ring-billed gull SC, 1 Herring gull SC, 2 Great black-backed gull SC,  2 Rock pigeon H, 3 Mourning dove H, 2 Red-bellied woodpecker H, 3 Downy woodpecker H, 3 Hairy woodpecker H, 2 Blue jay H, 4 American Crow H, 12 Black-capped chickadee SC, H, 2 Tufted titmouse SC, 8 White-breasted nuthatch SC, H, 4 European starling H, 8 American tree sparrow H, 6 Northern cardinal SC, H, 26 Common redpoll SC, H, 8 American goldfinch H, 1 Dark-eyed junco SC, 4 House Sparrow H

100 Bernache du Canada SC, 6 Canard noir SC, 150 Canard colvert SC, 20 Garrot à œil d'or SC, 20 Grand harle SC, 2 Pygargue à tête blanche SC, Buse à queue rousse (en route), 2 Goéland à bec cerclé SC, 1 Goéland argenté SC, 2 Goéland marin SC, 2 Pigeon biset H, 3 Tourterelle triste H, 2 Pic à ventre roux H, 3 Pic mineur H, 3 Pic chevelu H, 2 Geai bleu H, 4 Corneille d'Amérique H, 12 mésange à tête noire SC, H, 2 Tufted mésange SC, 8 Sittelle à poitrine blanche SC, H, 4 étourneau sansonnet H, 8 Bruant hudsonien H, 6 Cardinal rouge SC, H, 26 Sizerin flammé SC, H, 8 Chardonneret jaune H, 1 Dark-eyed junco SC, 4 Moineau domestique H

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