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Summer Series 2012 - Field Trip #6 - Saturday, August 18

Saturday's trip will wrap-up of the 2012 Summer Series. We will be visiting 4 Eastern Ontario sewage lagoons. This annual summer outing has always been one of our most popular and productive outings.

As of today (Tuesday), the long-range weather forecast for the Casselman, Ontario region looks very good (mainly sunny, high of 20). That of course can change quickly. We will keep a watch on things as the week progresses.

SPECIAL NOTE: I'm making a change to this year's trip. This year we will do the usual route, only in reverse, starting at the St-Albert Lagoons and ending the day at the St-Isidore Lagoons.

DATE: Saturday, August 18
TIME: 7:00 AM – Full day; combination driving/walking trip
MEETING PLACE: Departing from the Hudson Inn parking lot in Hudson, Quebec located at Exit 17 off of Highway 40. Please arrive early to be ready to depart for Ontario at 7 AM sharp. We have roughly a 90 km. drive from Hudson to our first stop in St-Albert, thus the need for the early start.

ITINERARY: We will visit 4 different sewage lagoons; St-Albert, Embrun, Casselman and St-Isidore. We are hoping for a variety of shorebirds and marsh-dwellers, together with whatever other birds we find throughout the day. St-Albert and Embrun will fill the morning. We'll break for lunch at Tim Horton's in Casselman prior to heading on to the Casselman and St-Isidore stops. Bring your lunch or pick up something at a number of restaurants located at the Cassleman stop. Picnic tables, washrooms and gasoline are all available here.

There is a lot of walking required at each site, particularly at St. Albert, the largest of the four sites. The lagoons are located in wide open and exposed areas, away from any facilities. They provide no shade or shelter from the sun or rain. Therefore dress accordingly and bring along fluids and/or snacks.

Spotting scopes will be very useful. If you have portable two-way radios, please bring them along. They are excellent tools on road trip such as this. Car-pooling is highly recommended as parking at the lagoons is limited. Cars may be left at our departure point at the Hudson Inn parking lot.

If you have any question, please contact me by e-mail, or by telephone at 450-462-1459. If you are delayed on Saturday morning, please call me on the BPQ cellphone at 514-637-2141. We will leave Hudson at 7 am sharp. However you will have time to catch up to us at our first stop in St-Albert.

This is a long day of birding. Should you choose to leave the group at any point during the day, there is easy access back to Highway 417 from any of the sewage lagoon locations.

We look forward to an exciting day on Saturday. - Sheldon


Continue on Highway 40 West (Highway 417 in Ontario) for 83 kilometers to Exit 66 (Casselman) Take EXIT 66 for Casselman.  Go south (LEFT) on Regional Road 7 toward the town of St-Albert. RR-7 makes a sharp turn right, heading west for approximately 8 km.  Look for the sewage lagoon sign & entrance on the left, opposite house number #1664.

STOP #1 - St. Albert, Ontario Sewage Lagoons

Leaving the St-Albert Lagoons, turn left on Regional Road 7
Follow RR-7 to a 90-degree turn on to Regional Road 5, traveling NORTH After a short distance, turn LEFT on to Route 500 heading WEST
Follow Route 500 west to St-Joseph Road
Turn RIGHT on to St-Joseph Road
Follow St-Joseph Road (North) to Route 400.
Turn RIGHT on Route 400 The entrance to the Embrun Sewage Lagoons is about 1 km on the left.

STOP #2 - Embrun, Ontario Sewage Lagoons

Head west on Route 400 to St-Joseph Road
Turn RIGHT (north) on St-Joseph Road
Travel 1.5 km to Highway3-rue Notre-Dame
Turn RIGHT on Highway3-Notre-Dame
Drive 2.8 km to Regional Road #5
Turn LEFT on Regional Road #5
Drive 2.5 km on Regional Road #5 to Highway 417
Take Highway 417 EAST towards Casselman
Drive 13 km on Highway 417 East to Exit 66-Casselman
Turn left off the exit, cross the highway and the Tim Hortons parking will be on your right
LUNCH BREAK at the Tim Horton’s

From Tim Hortons, drive north to Lemieux Road.
Follow Lemieux Road to the intersection with Route 500
Turn RIGHT on to Route 500.
Immediately on your right is a narrow dirt road. This is the entrance to the Casselman Sewage Lagoons

STOP #3 - Casselman, Ontario Sewage Lagoons

From the lagoons, turn RIGHT on Route 500
Travel 4.3 km to County Road 8
Turn LEFT on to County Road 8
Travel 0.6 km on County Road 8 and turn RIGHT on to County Road 3
Travel approximately 10 km on County Road 3 to Bourgon Road
Turn LEFT on Bourgon Road and follow it 1.2 km to the dead-end turnoff to the St-Isidore Sewage Lagoons

STOP #4 - St. Isidore, Ontario Sewage Lagoons

Take Bourgon Road back to County Road 3
Turn LEFT on to County Road 3 to the flashing light intersection with Route 9
Turn RIGHT on to Route 9
Drive 5.3 km on Route 9 to Highway 417.
Take Highway 417 East back towards Montreal

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