Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sightings for Saturday June 23

St-Hubert: A Northern mockingbird pursued and harassed an American Kestrel  that was in a dead tree near the intersection of Chemin de Chambly and Chemin de la Savanne.

Un Moqueur polyglotte poursuivre et harceler une Crécerelle d'Amérique qui était dans un arbre mort tout près de l'intersection du Chemin de Chambly et du Chemin de la Savanne. - Charles Ménard
Boucherville: Northern mockingbird - at the corner of Chemin du Tremblay and Graham Bell, in the small green space opposite the green corridor that leads to the wooded Tremblay, in the industrial park.
Moqueur polyglotte - coin de Chemin du Tremblay et Graham Bell, dans le petit espace vert, en face du corridor vert qui mène au boisé du Tremblay, le tout dans le parc industriel. - Simon Chaloux


Anonymous said...

I just saw an eagle but was wondering wat kind it is ! It has a wide wing span and the top of wings is black and under the black its wite ! Wat kind of eagle is it and y in montreal ??

Bird Sightings from BPQ said...

If it was an Eagle you saw, it would be a juvenile Bald eagle. They would be around Montreal because the rivers are used for catching fish.

I don't know of any nesting sites in the Montreal area. They do nest not to far away. At least for something that can travel in a straight line.

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