Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black vultures \ Urubu noir

Last weekend our family was on a tiny island in the middle of Lac Pilon, twenty minutes east of Ste-Adele, and we saw what I am quite sure were two, possibly four, Black Vultures (Urubu noir).

Vultures: by the dihedral wing position

Black, because of the white at the wing tips.

Any other sighting to confirm this - Dan Shute


Jay VanderGaast said...

I'm not sure what you saw, but Black Vultures have a very different profile than Turkey Vultures and don't show the dihedral flight shape so typical of TVs. The white patch you saw at the wing tips is troubling, though light conditions can have quite an effect on the apparent presence or absence of light patches on dark wings.

MarcyB said...
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MarcyB said...

I am positive I saw one of these Black Vultures yesterday. I was driving by Lac Pilon, and there was one in the middle of the road eating road kill.

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