Monday, December 28, 2009

Sightings for Monday December 28th

Mirabel, chemin Ste-Marie: 40 Snow buntings, 2 Lapland longspurs
40 Bruants des neiges, 2 Bruants Lapon

Ste-Dominique: 8 Wild turkeys, 11 Gray partridge, 33 Snow buntings
8 Dindons sauvage, 11 Perdrix grise, 33 Bruants des neiges

Chemin Cote-des-Saints: 50 Snow buntings, Red-tailed hawk
50 Bruants des neiges, une Buse à queue rosse
- Marc Boisvert

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Anonymous said...

Three Vermont birders drove up to Mirabel today, hoping to find the partridges. Thanks to a local birder who assisted us with directions, we found 5 gray partridges on rang Ste-Marie, just past the intersection with rang St-Dominique. The partridges were on the left side of the road, just before the farm. The wild turkeys were also present in Mirabel, and we found hundreds of snow buntings and one lapland longspur along route 133 south of Henryville (farm with "Westphalia" on silo).

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