Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Loggerhead Shrikes

We have been asked to pass around the following information concerning the Shrikes being released from our sanctuary at Breckenridge ...


Bonjour Every one,

Here is a file showing the colour combinaison of the tags install on the legs of each Loggerhead Shrike release at The Natural Preserve of Breckenridge, Québec on this July 31, 2009. We have release seven young
Loggerhead Shrike. The colour Orange is marking the Québec birds for 2009.

Left Leg--------------------------------Right Leg

Orange /Silver coloured metal (SI)------Dark Blue/Grey

Orange/SI-------------------------------Dark Blue/Light Blue

Orange/SI-------------------------------Dark Blue/Light Green

Orange/SI-------------------------------Dark Blue/White

Orange/SI-------------------------------Dark Blue/Yellow

Orange/SI-------------------------------Grey/Dark Blue

Orange/SI-------------------------------Grey /Grey

All the left legs have an orange band over top of the silver coloured metal U.S. Fish & Wild. Service band.

Please pass the words around, and if somebody on the Ontario side or any place else see something looking like a Loggerhead Shrike wearing colour band (specially orange colour), please ask them to contact me.

Thank you ... Open to any questions.

Gérard Desjardins
Club des ornithologues de l'Outaouais
819 682-1717
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