Friday, March 06, 2009

Sightings for Friday march 6th

Something (wolf/coyote/dog?) killed a deer two days ago on our bay at Lac Bernard, situated in municipalities of La Pêche and Low, in the Outaouais. The first afternoon, there were 3 Bald eagles (Pygarques à tête blanche) Eagles feeding on the carrion. Yesterday and today I've seen one. I've managed to take a few pictures but from quite far, since they always flew away when noticing a slightest movement - Sirpa Utriainen - click photos to enlarge

Mascouche, Chemin de la cabane ronde: 2 Great gray owls one in front of the abandonned house with the stone chimney. The 2nd was behind the house a little passed a mound of sand
2 Chouettes lapones la première, bien en vue en face de la ruine et de la cheminée en pierre (# civique approx. 800). La deuxième, un peu plus loin sur le monticule de sable derrière la même ruine - Denis Hamel
Bourcherville: Peregrine falcon, on a lampost at the exit of L.H. Lafontaine tunnel
Faucon pèlerin, sur un lampadaire, à la sortie du tunnel L.H. Lafontaine en fin d'après midi - André Provost
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Morgan arboretum: Anyone heading to the Arboretum this weekend might be interested to know that the Barred Owl (Chouette rayée) has stuck his head up again today ... if you download the grid map from the recent sightings have been in squares M4, IorJ9 and today in E14. The owl seems to be very cooperative during the day and happily sits out in the open where you can see him - Fred Parkinson who saw him today says that the bird actually moved gradually towards them while they stood still so he is extremely cooperative and seemed as interested in them as they were in him.
Good luck. A photograph will be on the arbo website tomorrow evening
Plessisville: Boreal owl beside the cross-country ski trail at the end of the afternoon
Nyctale de Tengmalm observée près des sentiers de ski de fond à Plessisville, en fin d'après-midi - C. Roy

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