Friday, June 01, 2007

Bird Protection Quebec: Hudson's evening field trip

Tuesday May 29th, 13 birders enjoyed Hudson's evening field trip in memory of long time BPQ member Marg Hendricks. Marg was a keen birder and along with Mabel McIntosh, banded Saw-whet owls in the Cote Vertu woods. Marg had a collection of bird nests and she gave interesting talks to many school children in the Montreal area.The weather was beautiful last evening, the mosquitoes not bad, and we were ableto observe 46 species.
We had an interesting start to the evening when Felix Hilton found a painted turtle in the process of laying eggs. The evening got more interesting when we spotted an American bittern standing on the rail (as in road ) catching insects.

The following is our complete list. Thanks to all who came out for a fun evening.

Canada goose 2, Wood duck 1, Mallard 6, Ruffed grouse 1 heard, American bittern 3, Great blue heron 1, Green heron 1, Virginia rail 1 heard, Wilson's snipe 1 ( it landed on the tracks near the Bittern ),Ringed-billed gull 1, Rock pigeon 3, Mourning dove 12, Whip-poor-will 1 (heard by 2 members at the St. Lazare sand pits on the way home), Belted kingfisher 1, Northern flicker 3, Eastern wood peewee, 1 Alder flycatcher 2, Eastern phoebe 1, Great-crested flycatcher 2, Eastern kingbird 6, Warbling vireo 1, Blue jay 2, American crow 2, Tree swallow 4, Barn swallow 4, Black-capped chickadee 1, White-breasted nuthatch 1, Marsh wren 1, Eastern bluebird 1, Veery 1, American robin 12, Gray catbird 1, European starling 12, Cedar waxwing 6, Yellow warbler 6, American redstart 2, Common yellowthroat 4, Wilson's warbler 1, Song sparrow 2, Swamp sparrow 2, White-throated sparrow 2, Red-winged blackbird 50, Common grackle 20, Brown-headed cowbird 2, Baltimore oriole 6, American golfinch 6, Bobolinks 3

Also seen 1 beaver and 1 white-tailed deer.

Barbara MacDuff

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