Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bird Protection Quebec Field trip for February 4th

Hudson: ten birders enjoyed a March-like day with +4 temperature, no wind and a sun thatalmost broke through the clouds. The following is the 18 species of birds seen.

Red-tailed hawk 1, Rock pigeon 12, Mourning dove 9, Snowy owl 2, Downy woodpecker 6, Hairy woodpecker 10, Pileated woodpecker 2, Northern shrike 1, Blue jay 28, American crow 20, Black-capped chickadee 75 ( 1 with a white tail ) , White-breasted nuthatch 12, European starling 12, Bohemian waxwing 125, American tree sparrow 1, Northern cardinal 1, American goldfinch 60, House sparrow 10

Thanks to everyone who came out for a pleasant morning of birding and to WayneGrubert for finding two Snowy owls after lunch.

Barbara MacDuff

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