Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 Summer Series of Birding - Field Trip #3 Report - Saturday, July 9

Hey...what happened to everyone? Seems like this morning's heavy rain discouraged everyone from coming out on the third of our Summer Series birding trips! Today's destination was Pointe-Yamachiche on Lac St-Pierre. Driving through the heavy and consistent downpour on the way to Yamachiche this morning Darlene and I speculated on whether anyone would turn up. Our question was quickly answered as we pulled up to an empty parking lot.

The rain was much too heavy and constant to leave the comfort of the van throughout the morning but, given the fact that we were there, we decided to explore the roads around the region to see what we could find. We drove through Yamachiche, St-Thomas-de-Caxton, then on to Berthierville, Ile-Dupas and St-Ignace de Loyola before calling it a day.

We were able to come up with a total of 20 species. Seems that the rain kept the majority of the birds sheltered as well. Let's hope for better weather next Saturday. - Sheldon Harvey

Here is our list for the morning: Canada Goose 1, Mallard 2, Great Blue Heron 3, Turkey Vulture 3, Ring-billed Gull 60, Rock Pigeon 8, Mourning Dove 6, Eastern Kingbird 1, American Crow 6, Tree Swallow 10, Barn Swallow 1, American Robin 3, European Starling 30, Common Yellowthroat 1, Yellow Warbler 1, Song Sparrow 4, Northern Cardinal 1, Red-winged Blackbird 25, Common Grackle 30, American Goldfinch 10

Bernache du Canada 1, Canard colvert 2, Grand héron 3, Urubu à tête rouge 3, Goéland à bec cerclé 60, Rocher Pigeon 8, Tourterelle triste 6, Tyran tritri 1, Corneille d'Amérique 6, Hirondelle bicolore 10, Hirondelle rustique 1, Merle d'Amérique 3, Étourneau sansonnet 30, Paruline masquée 1, Paruline jaune 1, Bruant chanteur 4, Ccardinal rouge 1, Carouge à épaulettes 25, Quiscale bronzé 30, Chardonneret jaune 10

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