Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sightings for Wednesday November 18

Yesterday and today there was an alcid, possibly two, at the Beauharnois dam. One was a Ist-winter Razorbill (petits pingouins), the other seemingly smaller but given the conditions it was hard to be certain if it was indeed a different bird. It (they) are repeatedly flying in close to the channels after floating down almost out of sight. The viewing is particularly difficult due to the small size of the bird(s), the rapid flight, the constant bouncing around in the rough water and frequent disappearance between the waves, the almost constant diving, the distance involved, the wind, telescope shake, and my tearing eyes! Oh, and the gulls are harassing the birds for food. Besides the alcid(s) there was at least a dozen Common Loons (Plongeons huards) and a Horned Grebe Grèbe esclavon, plus the usual Double-crested cormorant (Cormorans à aigrettes) and Common merganser (Grand Harle). Since it is supposed to rain tomorrow I won't have a chance to get back until Friday at the earliest to check further. Hopefully, the conditions will be better and I can get a photo. - Bob Barnhurst

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