Saturday, October 03, 2015

Sightings for Saturday October 3

Terrebonne, east-side Ruisseau de Feu reserve: Marsh wren (Troglodyte des marais)

west-side Charlemagne, near Rue Picard Blue-headed vireo, American woodcock (Vireo à tête bleue, Bécasse d'Amérique)

This latter area, adjacent the shopping centre near Rue Picard, is surprisingly good for birds; with 7 warbler (incl. black-throat blue), 3 woodpecker and 2 vireo species just in this week. - Nathan
Beaconsfield: This morning there were about 1,000 Greater Scaup (Fuligule milouinan) on Lac St-Louis quite far out from St-James Park. The numbers we have observed have been building up: 40 on Sept.26, 200 on Oct.1. Late this afternoon there were 2 White-winged Scoters (Macreuses brunes) on the lake. - Peter Tarassoff

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