Monday, April 06, 2015

Sightings for Monday April 6

Bob and I were at Baie du Febvre this morning, around 10 am. There were about 1,000 Snow Geese (Oie des neiges) on the ground, and while we were there for about 45 minutes, another 1,000 probably arrived, in groups of 5 to 200 birds. The few Canada geese (Bernache du Canada) groups flew right past the snow geese on the ground. But all of the snow geese took to the air when a Bald Eagle (Pygargue à tête blanche) flew over them. Quite the sight. - Anne Tittler

Ross's Goose, Rough-legged Hawks, Northern Harriers, an American Kestrel (female), some Horned Larks
Oie de Ross, Buses pattues, quelques Busards Saint-Martin, une Crécerelle d'Amérique (femelle), quelques Alouettes hausse-col - Michel Bertrand
Further to Anne and Bob's report of Snow Geese (Oie des neiges) at Baie du Febvre it would seem that most of the snow geese are still in the southwest section of the province. On a quick trip around the St Clet, St Polycarpe, Ste Marthe area this afternoon there were very large groups out in the fields. At one point a distant massive group all lifted off at once and whirled around for several minutes before settling back down. I would guess in the tens of thousands. I did not see what disturbed them but whatever it was it also disturbed a few snowy owls that flew around for while. When all had gone quiet again I did a slow scan around and picked up no less than 13 Snowy Owls (Harfang des neiges) sitting in the fields and on fence posts. All viewed from the same location but all quite distant. Many of them seemed to be sitting around the perimeter of the geese. Add in a flock of 200 or so Snow buntings (Bruants des neiges) and it was indeed a very "snowy" afternoon. Oh, and then it actually started to snow.

There were also two Rough-legged Hawks (Buse pattue) and a Common Raven (Grand corbeau) in view at the same time.

Not that they will be there tomorrow but here is where I stopped and looked south.

Wayne Grubert

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