Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sightings for Tuesday January 13

Montreal: While I was waiting for the 165 bus outside Guy-Concordia metro, I noticed 2 Peregrine Falcons harassing a Red-tailed Hawk (Faucons pèlerin  harceler une Buse à queue rousse)--not a welcome visitor in their opinion! It's not the first time I've seen raptors in the vicinity. A couple of years ago, I was astonished to see a goshawk right outside the metro station, and I've more than once seen Cooper's Hawks from Ste-Catherine Street. 

My guess is that the birds of prey are attracted by the numerous pigeons in the area. In fact, that's often how I first see them: I notice a major pigeon disturbance and then look around to see what, if anything, is causing it. - Zofia Laubitz  

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