Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sightings for Sunday March 2

Montréal, parc Mont-Royal: I finally managed to see the Mount-Royal Black-backed Woodpecker (Pic à dos noir) this afternoon, after trying twice before and dipping out both times. On my previous attempts, I'd gone in the morning but several people have reported seeing it in the afternoon, so when it was so nice out this aft, I thought I'd try my luck again. And it was definitely a case of third time's a charm! As I approached the famous red pine stand, I could hear hammering so I thought it might be my lucky day--and so it proved! The woodpecker was working hard, quite high up in one of the pines. I watched her for a while, then went for a walk to check out some of the feeder stations. I then returned, hoping for another look, and this time the woodpecker was much better positioned, from my point of view--almost at eye level. 

This wasn't my lifer Black-back but I think it's only the third or fourth time I've seen one, so it's still a very special bird for me! - Zofia Laubitz

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