Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bird Protection Quebec "Field Trip"

Here are the details for the BPQ field trip for Saturday.  After reviewing all of the recent sightings in our region, I have decided that our best opportunity for a good variety of birds on Saturday will be at the Ste-Catherine Seaway Locks and Récré-o-parc in south shore Sainte-Catherine.  A Wood Duck and two Northern Pintails are being seen regularly in the seaway run-off basin just in front of the seaway locks.  Also two juvenile bald eagles and a number of Wild Turkeys have been spotted on the shore of Heron Island facing the Récré-o-parc. There are also several species of ducks and gulls in the open water between the parc and Heron Island.  We will also walk some of the trails of the park itself to see what we might be able to shake out of the trees.

Rather than meeting at the usual spot at Sainte-Catherine (the empty parking lot facing the road leading up to the drawbridge at the locks), we will meet just a little north-east of that spot on boul. Marie-VIctorin at a small parking lot in the Parc des Optimistes.  Here are the details.

DATE: Saturday, January 25, 2014
TIME: 8 am - Half Day.
LOCATION: Parc des Optimistes, Ste-Catherine

MEETING SPOT: The parking lot at Parc des Optimistes, boul. Marie-Victorin, slightly north-east of the road leading to the drawbridge at the Seaway Locks..

Directions to the Parc des Optimistes, on boul. Marie-Victorin, Sainte-Catherine, QC
SEE Google Map

By car, via Mercier Bridge. At the south end of the bridge, take the left exit
(direction LaPrairie-132 east), drive 6.5 km, turn left onto Rue Centrale. Follow Centrale which will turn right on to Marie-Victorin Blvd. The parking lot is on the left, just past the road leading up to the drawbridge at the locks.

By car, via Champlain Bridge: Take the Champlain Bridge, take the first exit
off the bridge toward New York State (#15 south / #132 east); take Exit 46
(LaPrairie/Salaberry) and turn right on to Marie-Victorin Blvd. Drive 5.2 km and
arrive at the parking lot on the right just before the road leading up to the drawbridge at the locks. 

This will mostly be a walking trip.  Wear good footwear as some of the trails may be icy. Scopes are recommended for viewing on to the river and across to Heron Island.

For more information contact me at 450-462-1459, or on the morning of the field trip at 514-637-2141

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