Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bird Protection Quebec "Field trip Report"

2013 Summer Series of Birding - Trip #6

Yesterday's Summer Series Trip #6 to Boucherville's Parc de la Frayere attracted 7 birders on probably one of the best summer days of the season so far. Fresh, humid-free air, mild temperature and nice breezes off the water made for exceptional conditions. Bird-wise it was a little quiet, literally, as so many of the birds are going about their business at this time of the year almost silently. Our only set-back was the wooded area where our walk down the trail ended quickly as we were set upon by blood-thirsty mosquitoes. The riverfront was full of 500+ Canada Geese, with more flocks coming in every few minutes. We noted many, many birds tagged with the orange and white neck collars. Tom Long recorded a number of them to check out. Many will probably be from the same tagging exercises noted in Roger Titman's previous posting.

Here is our list of 36 species for the day: Canada Goose 500+, Wood Duck 24, American Black Duck 2, Mallard 50+, Pied-billed Grebe 6, Double-crested Cormorant 6, Great Blue Heron 12, Great Egret 3, Green Heron 1, Turkey Vulture 1, Northern Harrier 1, Sharp-shinned Hawk 1, Common Moorhen 6, Spotted Sandpiper 3, Ring-billed Gull 24, Herring Gull 1, Caspian Tern 2, Common Tern 12, Rock Pigeon 2, Mourning Dove 3, Belted Kingfisher 1, Northern Flicker 3, Eastern Kingbird 1, Blue Jay 2, 
American Crow 2, American Robin 1, Gray Catbird 1, European Starling 3, Cedar Waxwing 2, Yellow Warbler 3, Song Sparrow 4, Northern Cardinal 4, Red-winged Blackbird 12, Common Grackle 1, American Goldfinch 45, House Sparrow 20
Bernache du Canada 500 +, Canard branchu 24, Canard noir 2, Canard colvert 50 +, Grèbe à bec bigarré 6, Cormoran à aigrettes 6, Grand Héron 12, Grande Aigrette 3, Héron vert 1, Urubu à tête rouge 1, Busard Saint-Martin 1, Épervier brun 1, Gallinule poule d'eau 6, Chevalier grivelé 3, Goéland à bec cerclé 24, Goéland argenté 1, Sterne caspienne 2, Sterne pierregarin 12, Pigeon biset 2, Tourterelle triste 3, Martin-pêcheur 1, Pic flaboyant 3, Tyran tritri 1, Geai bleu 2, Corneille d'Amérique 2, Merle d'Amérique 1, Moqueur chat 1, Étourneau sansonnet 3, Jaseur d'Amérique 2, Paruline jaune 3, Bruant chanteur 4, Cardinal  rouge 4, Carouge à épaulettes 12, Quiscale bronzé 1, Chardonneret jaune 45, Moineau domestique 20

Believe it or not, we wrap up the 2013 Summer Series next Saturday with our ,annual trip to the always popular, and usually productive, eastern Ontario ,Sewage Lagoon tour. Sounds exotic, doesn't it? Watch for the full details in a posting early this coming week. - Sheldon

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