Friday, October 27, 2006

Sightings Translated From Ornitho-QC for Friday October 27th

Laval, rue du Phare, accessible by 32nd. Ave. - rivière des Mille Îles: Canvasback (Fuligules à dos blanc), 800 Ring-necked ducks (Fuligules à collier), Lesser scaup (Petit Milouinan), Common goldeneye (Garrot à oeil d'or), Bufflehead (Petit Garrot), Red-breasted merganser (Harle huppé), Common Merganser (Grand Harle), Hooded merganser (Harle couronné) White-winged scoter (Macreuse brune), Black scoter (Macreuse noire) Laval-Ouest 13th. Ave: 3 Horned grebes (Grèbes esclavons)

Sainte-Catherine, 3km east of the locks: 300 Black scoter (macreuses noires) accompanied by some Surf scoter (macreuses à front blanc), Horned grebe (grebes esclavons), Red-necked grebe (grebes jougris), Red-throated loon (plongeon catmarin), Common loon (plongeon huard), in the middle of the river, many Tree swallows (hirondelles bicolores)

lac Boivin: Cackling goose (bernache de Hutchins), Northern shoveler (canards souchet), 225 Black scoter (macreuses noires), Common goledeye (garrot d'Islande), American coot (foulques d'Amérique), Marsh wren (troglodyte des marais),
Parc de la Yamaska: 6 Surf scoter (macreuses à front blanc), 180 Black scoter (macreuses noires), Long-tailed duck (harelde kakawi), Bufflehead (petit garrot), Red-breasted Merganser (harles huppés), 8 Horned grebes (grèbes esclavon), 2 Red-necked grebes (grèbes jougris), Snow buntings (bruant des neiges)

Roxton Pond: Ross’s goose, (oie de Ross), cackling goose (bernaches de Hutchins), Redhead ducks (fuligule à tête rouge), 200 Black scoters (macreuses noires), 22 Rudy ducks (érismatures rousses)

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